Health of Older People Strategy

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Older people live well, age well and have a respectful end of life in age-friendly communities

The Health of Older People Strategy: Consultation draft sets out a draft strategy for the health and wellbeing of older people for the next 10 years. Its vision is that older people live well, age well, and have a respectful end of life in age-friendly communities. The document proposes a set of actions for delivery in the first two years, and for the longer term.

The Ministry of Health is seeking your views on the direction and actions proposed for the health system and for other sectors.

The consultation has now ended

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the process for your thoughtful feedback. The consultation process and the earlier stages of strategy development have helped greatly to give clarity to our collective vision for older people. We will consider all feedback carefully.

You can still read comments people have left on this site via the discussion topics below.

You can see the draft strategy at Health of Older People Strategy: Consultation draft.

Update: The Healthy Ageing Strategy was published in December 2016.

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How can we maximise health and wellbeing as we get older?


How well is the health system looking after people when sudden and acute health issues affect them?


What would a respectful end of life look like for you or those close to you?

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